We're going to come to see you, listen and understand what you want. This is a non-judgment zone!  Through our consultation process, we'll develop a plan that will get your home organized and allow you to live life in the way you want. 


Everyone's home is different, and that's ok; in fact that's awesome!  Here are some of the areas that we can organize & create solutions for:

  • Cabinets & Drawers
  • Kitchen & Pantry
  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Dens
  • Office
  • Gamerooms
  • Closets
  • Nurseries
  • Children’s Toyrooms


*Right now, the only areas we do not do are garages, attics and storage units.




We want to come and visit with you in person so that we can see the space(s) and get to know what you are looking for.  This consultation is the very first thing that we do to ensure success for you and us.


An in person consultation includes:

  • a look at the space(s) you want organized
  • a conversation about your goals and project timeframe
  • some initial thoughts on what we could do
  • an explanation of our process


What you'll get:

  • a written estimate tailored to your organizing needs:
    • what we're going to do
    • what we may need to buy
    • what we need from you


How much will this cost?

  • Our in person consultation is $75 - for one room or your whole home.




Once the consultation is completed and you've decided to move forward with us, we will:

  • send you our agreement to sign and we can agree on the best schedule for you


When the project begins we will:

  • bring any of the necessary purchased supplies 
  • work with you to edit the area(s) and prepare
  • involve you in the decision-making process during the editing stage
  • work our magic


After completion of project, we will:

  • walk you through what we've done
  • make sure that you are 100% happy with our work



Due to the uniqueness of each organizing project prices will vary but we will be transparent and always up-front .





Life happens.  Kids happen.  Pets happen.  We get it.  Things come into our lives and leave them all the time.  If things change after we organize your home and you need us to come back, no problem. We can add addititonal systems or take out systems from the space we organized.  Or, if you want to tweak some things, we can do that too.



  • Depends on effort


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